Wild Weasel of the Week: Airman 1st Class Issak Sainz

Each week a member of the 35th Fighter Wing is selected as the Wild Weasel of the Week. This individual is recognized by a different unit each week based on superior performance, outstanding work ethic, and overall good conduct and discipline.

The 35th Maintenance Squadron chose Airman 1st Class Issak Sainz, an Aircraft Structural Maintenance Journeyman, as their Wild Weasel of the Week.

What is your daily mission?

My daily mission is to ensure our aircraft stay mission capable by providing them with the structural integrity and rigidity they need to withstand flight, thousands of feet above sea level.

What do you enjoy about your job?

It’s always something new. Our job title never carries a consistent duty, whether it’s repairing a crack stopping a plane from flying, or making our F-16’s look brand new by giving them a new paint job. It’s exciting to have a new outlook on your job every day.

Why did you choose to serve in the Air Force?

I knew from a young age that civilian jobs wouldn’t satisfy my type of desired profession. I wanted to use my abilities for a greater good and being a civilian doesn’t make sure millions of Americans sleep safely at night, and for that, I chose the world’s greatest Air Force. I wanted to be apart of the branch that ensures all foreign and domestic threats stay as foreign as the soil on Neptune.

What is your favorite thing about living in Japan?

I love the winter snow. Being from the west coast – what is Seattle to San Diego - I never got a whole lot of snow unless I was seeking it. Come winter, I snowboard every chance I get, and it’s a great way to make new friends, whether you recognize an American on the mountain, or invite an Airman to explore Northern Japan.

Who has been your best mentor and what have they taught you?

If I had to choose a mentor, I’d have to choose Staff Sgt. Ryan Jellings. When I first arrived to Misawa he came at me rough, ensuring I would do my Career Development Course’s and as he’d like to say “have all my ducks in a row.” Through getting to know me he knew I was trying to apply to the Air Force Academy and immediately made it his sole purpose as an NCO, a mentor and a supervisor to provide me with all the information, people and assets he could to help me. Needless to say I did well on my CDC’s and have a package underway.

How long have you been stationed at Misawa?

I’ve been stationed in Misawa since Jan 2016.

How long have you been in the Air Force?

This is my first base and signed that dotted line in June 2015.

What goals do you want to meet while at Misawa?

I’d like to finally submit a package with my best foot forward to the AF Academy and see how I could strive as a cadet.

What goals do you want to meet during your Air Force career?

Since I’m striving to be an officer, I’d like to conquer any training or task as well as any test that may lie ahead of me in my career, whether it be promotion, training, deployments, enduring the centrifuge or parachuting.

Supervisor’s comments on why you were selected:

“A1C Sainz has been a driven worker since he arrived, he comes to work ready to learn and try new things. Off duty he is a reliable wingman no matter the situation. He’s always ready to tackle anything with a smile and open mind.” said Staff Sgt. Andrew Carlson, 35th MXS Fabrication Flight Training Monitor