Wild Weasel of the Week: Airman 1st Class Katherine Discenza

Each week a member of the 35th Fighter Wing is selected as the Wild Weasel of the Week. This individual is recognized based on superior performance, outstanding work ethic, and overall good conduct and discipline. The 35th Communications Squadron chose Airman 1st Class Katherine Discenza, cyber transport systems technician, as its Wild Weasel of the Week.

What's your daily mission?
Our work center is divided into three sections; network management, phones and long haul communications. I work in our network management shop where we provide base communication through our networks. My daily mission is to maintain, revitalize, troubleshoot, upgrade and deploy network equipment throughout the base.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I enjoy the challenge and learning opportunities my job provides. Networking isn't cut and dry when it comes to troubleshooting connectivity issues, and I am always learning something new while expanding my skillset.

Why did you choose to serve in the military?
I had always planned to attend college, but I didn't think I would put forth the effort and apply myself. I decided to join the military to gain the discipline and motivation that I felt I needed in order to succeed in my life.

What is your favorite thing about being in Japan?
My favorite thing about living in Japan is the culture. I am constantly amazed at how respectful and kind the Japanese people are.

Who is your favorite mentor and what did you learn from him/her?
My father is my favorite mentor. He taught me to be strong and independent, along with the importance of hard work and respect. He sets a great example and continues to mentor and inspire me every day.

Time in Misawa: 1 year.

Time in military: Almost 2 years.

Goals you want to achieve or meet while in Misawa?
I plan to finish my Community College of the Air Force degree and get started on a Bachelor's Degree in Network Engineering.

Supervisor's remarks: "Airman 1st Class Katherine Discenza is a very driven individual. She will tackle any task given to her and she is always willing to learn something new. She is also willing to teach others what she has learned. When she sets a goal or something is asked of her, she will work it until it is completed. In my opinion, we need more people like her in the military." - Staff Sgt. Joshua Snow, 35th Communications Squadron cyber transport supervisor