Wild Weasel of the Week: Staff Sgt. Brent Wood

Each week a member of the 35th Fighter Wing is selected as the Wild Weasel of the Week. This individual is recognized based on superior performance, outstanding work ethic, and overall good conduct and discipline.

The 35th Civil Engineer Squadron chose Staff Sgt. Brent Wood, Readiness and Emergency Management Flight NCO in charge of plans and operations, to be their Wild Weasel of the Week.

What's your daily mission?
As the NCO in charge of plans and operations, I manage the base emergency management program of all units, and update plans that are implemented in disaster situations.

What do you enjoy about your job?
The constant challenges and lessons to be learned in an ever-evolving world of natural and manmade disasters.

Why did you choose to serve in the military?
To continue a legacy of service among my family. I am the third generation to serve, second one in the Air Force.

What is your favorite thing about being in Japan?
Being able to try all the different foods available.

Who is your favorite mentor and what they teach you?
Maj. Francisco Costa said, "If you wouldn't put your name on your product, don't expect your boss to put his on it." Essentially, if you take pride in your products, even if they change as they move throughout organizations it's still your name everyone will see on it.

Time in Misawa: 9 months

Time in military: 10 years

What goals you want to achieve or meet while in Misawa?
I want to complete my Community College of the Air Force degree, as well as learn to read and speak Japanese.

Supervisor's remarks:
"Staff Sgt. Brent Wood is a top-notch NCO in the Readiness and Emergency Management Flight. He provides mentorship to the Airmen he leads, and is my go-to technical advisor for Plans and the Wing Emergency Management program. If I could, I would make him a technical sergeant today." - Tech. Sgt Bryan Adams, 35th Civil Engineer Squadron emergency management NCO in charge.