Your Ally: Air Force Office of Special Investigations

AFOSI's ultimate goal is to make a victim feel as much at ease as possible and for them to feel we are an ally for them in the reporting process because we will gather the facts with the goal of seeking justice for the offense committed.

Once the victim makes it to our office, we inform them of the services available to them, along with key personnel contact information like legal, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator and the Special Victims' Counsel.

AFOSI personnel attempt to put the victim at ease by educating them about the agency's role and process. This includes explaining the non-judgmental nature of OSI agents, assuring the victim of the training and experience the investigator has in working special victim crimes, and ensuring the victim knows they are in control of the interview -- how fast it goes, when breaks are taken, explaining the need to obtain very detailed information, sometimes repeating events or timeframes in various ways. They also explain the need to discuss very personal and sometimes embarrassing information but reinforce professionalism and only allow interview information to reach those with a need to know. They explain the importance for their interview to be recorded, because it aids in not having them tell their story repeatedly to others, also preventing them from having to write a statement.

If a victim consents to completing a SAFE kit, this trumps the lengthy interview, as evidence remaining on a victim needs to be collected and preserved.