Wild Weasel of the Week: A1C Nicholas Ferrari

Each week a member of the 35th Fighter Wing is selected as the Wild Weasel of the Week. This individual is recognized based on superior performance, outstanding work ethic, and overall good conduct and discipline.

The 35th Operations Support Squadron chose Airman 1st Class Nicholas Ferrari, aircrew flight equipment journeyman, to be their Wild Weasel of the Week.

What is your daily mission?
My daily mission is to provide and maintain life sustaining equipment and emergency recovery items used by pilots.

What do you enjoy about your job?
I enjoy day to day interaction with pilots. It's very high-tempo in the fighter world, so I'm constantly meeting new people and hearing new stories and experiences.

Why did you choose to serve in the Air Force?
I chose to serve in the Air Force because a lot of my family is military. I want to constantly progress as a person and as a leader. 

What is your favorite thing about living in Japan?
My favorite thing about living in Japan is the cars, although I'm not into imports. I have a genuine love for cars and never would have imagined being in Japan to see their street car scene.  

Who has been your best mentor and what have they taught you?
Master Sgt. Daniel Robinson. I've attended a handful of his professional development classes and he has taught me many things. The most important lesson he taught me was about being a leader that people want to follow. He's told me, "Something that's wrong but not mentioned never gets corrected."

How long have you been stationed at Misawa?
18 months

How long have you been in the Air Force?
21 months

What goals do you want to meet while at Misawa?
My personal goal while I'm here in Misawa is to learn as much as possible about my job. Since this is my first base, it's an important time in my career to act as a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as possible. 

What goals do you want to meet during your Air Force career?
I have never been the type to accept mediocrity. I plan on making this a career, and hope to reach the rank of chief master sergeant. I also want to obtain my degree in aviation engineering.   

Where's your hometown?
I was born in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, but was raised in Orlando, FL.

Supervisor's comments:
"Airman 1st Class Nicholas Ferrari is an extremely hard worker who constantly displays a positive attitude. He is very motivated to excel and executes any task I give him to the best of his ability. He exhibits the traits and potential of a successful leader in today's and tomorrow's Air Force." - Staff Sgt. Colby Fuller, NCO in charge of aircrew flight equipment.