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Pacific Air Forces F-16 Single Ship Aerial Demonstration Team Mission

Pacific Air Forces F-16 Single Ship Aerial Demonstration Team Mission

Our mission:
1. Plan, deploy and fly F-16 aerial demonstrations with the highest level of professionalism and safety.

2. Support Air Force recruiting and retention efforts.

3. Reinforce public trust in the United States of America, its aircraft and personnel.

4. Foster productive relationships with our allies in the Pacific region through cooperation and dedication.

Our objectives:
1. Dedicate 

  a. Dedicate every action to the values of our nation and our air Force -- Integrity, Service, Excellence.

  b.  Dedicate our shows and public appearances to the motivated and professional Airmen serving around the Globe in the War on Terrorism and in defense of freedom.

2. Represent

   a. Represent the high caliber of dedicated professionals that maintain and operate USAF resources now and never forget those who paved the way before us. 

   b.  Represent the good relations and unparalleled cooperation between the United States of America and our allies and partners in the Pacific region.

3. Inspire

   a. Inspire everyone we meet with our enthusiam, attention to details, dedication and pride. Inspire the future heroes of the United States our allies
to dream big and achieve what others label as impossible.