Misawa Security Operations Center

An integral part of the U.S. military's intelligence community, the Misawa Security Operations Center at Misawa Air Base, Japan, is tasked with ensuring U.S. and allied forces have the needed secure communications and command, control and communication countermeasure support to thwart enemy counterintelligence agencies.


The MSOC is composed of U.S. military members from each of its four service branches. Four U.S. military units at Misawa make up the MSOC: the 373d Intelligence Group, the Naval Information Operations Command Misawa, the 403rd Military Intelligence Detachment, and Sub-Unit 2 Company I Marine Support Battalion. 

Each unit under the MSOC provides similar functions, including: rapid radio relay; secure communications; and command, control, communications and countermeasure support to U.S. and allied forces. 

Unit members develop and apply techniques and material designed to ensure that friendly command and control communications are secure and protected from hostile countermeasures including interference, jamming and intrusion. They also advise U.S. and allied commanders concerning procedures and techniques, which could be used to counter enemy command and control communications. 

Additional functions include: transmission security, research into electronic phenomena, direction-finding assistance to air-sea rescue and navigational aid.