Non-Government Housing

Rental Options

Off-base housing provides a unique opportunity to see and enjoy the Japanese lifestyle. If you choose to live off base, there are many new American-style homes that provide all the comforts you would expect.

The housing office maintains a listing of off-base rental properties, maps of the local Misawa area and a list of English-speaking real estate agents to assist you in your search. However, a sponsor will be extremely helpful during this process since you will be responsible for locating and viewing the homes on your own.

Off-base rentals are normally abundant; however, selection and availability of suitable homes may be reduced after peak PCS season.

Japanese homes are smaller than those in the U.S. and significantly more expensive. However, your housing allowance ceiling is normally enough to cover homes that are available. The table below displays approximate sizes and their associated rents. Please note that large homes, four to five bedrooms, are extremely limited. A 50,000 Yen (~$500) - 100,000 Yen (~$1,000) damage deposit will be required. Most units will not allow pets and those that do will charge a $500-$1,000 non-refundable deposit. 



Rental Properties



# of bedrooms Square footage Garage/ Car port Rent
2 900-1100 1 car $850-$1,300
1100-1690 1 car $1,000-$1,700
4 1800-2300 2 car $1,800-$2,000
5 2300+ 2 car $2,300+

It is extremely important that individuals know their responsibilities as outlined under the Japanese lease agreement when leasing off-base housing. Some agreements require utilities (heat) be left on during winter months to ensure no plumbing damage occurs (frozen pipes, etc.). In the past, individuals have incurred considerable financial responsibility for damage to leased property in this respect. If unsure of your responsibilities, ask a housing office representative.

If you have any questions regarding off-base housing, please contact the Misawa Housing Office at 011-81-3117-66-3200 or DSN 315-226-3200. 

Purchase Options 

You cannot purchase a home in Misawa. 

Mobile Homes 

There are no mobile home parks available to military in Misawa.