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Calling Misawa

You can call Misawa by DSN or commercial lines, but keep in mind the time difference. 

Calling DSN
· From within Pacific Air Forces and U.S. Pacific Command, dial 226-xxxx for duty phone numbers.
· From outside of PACAF, dial the PACAF DSN prefix, 315, and then the number. 

Calling commercial from the U.S.
· For numbers beginning with 616: dial 011-81-176-66-xxxx.
· For numbers beginning with 226: dial 011-81-176-77-xxxx.
· To call the base operator, dial 011-81-176-53-5181. 

Calling commercial within Japan
· For 616-xxxx numbers, dial 66-xxxx.
· For 226-xxxx numbers, dial 77-xxxx.
· If you are out of the local area, dial the 0176 area code first (0176-66-xxxx or 0176-77-xxxx)