Location and geography


Latitude 40° 40' N, Longitude 141° 23' E 

This is approximately the same latitude as Central Park in New York City; Newark, New Jersey; Kearney, Nebraska; Peoria, Illinois; Lima, Ohio; and Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Geographical Features 

Misawa City is located in the southeastern portion of Aomori Prefecture on the northern end of Honshu Island. The Pacific Ocean lies at its east and Lake Ogawara on its northwest. It is surrounded by the towns of Kamikita on the west and the towns of Shimoda and Momoishi to the south. Misawa City is shaped like a rectangle and is 11 km wide (east-west) by 25 km long (north-south). It covers an area of 120.76 square kilometers (46.6 square miles) and has an elevation of approximately 130 feet. 

Misawa has an airport, JR Eastern Japan Train Station, and Towada Kanko Dentetsu Station. Because Route 338 is along the Pacific coastline, Misawa is a transportation focal point to go to Lake Towada, Shimokita Penninsula, the northern part of Sanriku coast in Iwate Prefecture, or to Hachinohe, Towada, Aomori, and Mutsu cities. 


Misawa City is approximately 44,000. 

The Japanese People 

The Japanese people are some of the most polite, friendly and courteous you will ever meet. Just remember their culture and customs are different from ours and we are in their country. Japan is a very safe country with very low rates of violent crime. The water here is safe to drink. Fresh fruits and vegetables (in season) and seafood are cheaper off base and of better quality. Just make sure to wash all fruits and vegetables before eating them!