Seasonal Summaries 

Winter: (December through February). Winter is in full force in December as the average daily temperature drops to 35ºF and monthly snowfall totals reach 22.7". Average low temperatures cool to an average of 23ºF in January and February, the coldest months of the year. Brisk winds during this season combine with low temperatures to create unpleasant wind chill conditions. Snow shower activity increases in January and February with snowfall totals rising to 39.7" 32.7", respectively. 

Spring: (March through May). Spring in northern Honshu starts out cold with plenty of snow, with March average daily temperatures of 36ºF and monthly snowfall averaging just under 20". By April the average daily temperature has increased to 47ºF with snowfall dropping to just over to 3" for the month. May brings an end to snowfall as the average daily temperature rises to 56ºF, but a change to wind flow from over the Pacific Ocean brings an end to pleasant spring-like conditions as low ceilings, drizzle, and fog become predominant. 

Summer: (June through August). Summers in Misawa are normally cool and foggy until mid-August. A typical summer will see 22 days with fog in June, 24 in July, and 21 in August. The average daily temperature in June is 61ºF, rising to 72ºF in August. By mid-August the foggy conditions give way to hot and humid conditions, with occasional temperature readings in the mid-90's not uncommon. 

FALL: (September through November). September signals the end of the summer season in Misawa as temperatures cool to an average of 66ºF. September is also the rainiest month of the year, with almost 7" of rainfall being the norm. By November temperatures have cooled to a daily average of 44ºF and snowfall increases to 6.4", signaling the beginning of winter. 

Misawa Weather Facts 

Maximum rainfall in 24 hours was 7.07 inches in September 2001.
Maximum monthly precipitation (all types) was 17.28 inches in September 1958.
Maximum yearly precipitation (liquid equivalent (all types)) was 67.87 inches in 1958.
Maximum snowfall in 24 hours was 43.1 inches in March 1952.
Maximum monthly snowfall was 117.1 inches in January 1960.
Maximum seasonal snowfall was 240.5 inches during the winter of 1983 to 1984.
First snowfall is usually near November 7.
First measurable snowfall is usually around November 17.
First measurable snow depth is usually around November 25.
Last measurable snowfall is around April 5.
Last snowfall is usually around April 15.
Maximum recorded wind speed was 82 knots (94mph) September 1991.
Maximum temperature on record is 97ºF and occurred most recently in August of 1960.
Minimum temperature on record is -4ºF in February 1978.