Festivals and holidays

Misawa Area Festivals 



Misawa Snow Festival February Misawa Port Festival August
Spring Commerce Festival  May Misawa Festival August
A Cherry Flowers Festival May Miss Veedol Festival August
American Day Festival June Air Festival September
The Lake Ogawara Festival July Industries & Culture Festival October
The Tanabata Festival July Christmas Festival December 1-25
Beef and Potato Festival August    



Japanese Holidays and Annual Events  

January 1*: New Year "Shogatsu"
January, Second Sunday*: Coming-of-Age Day "Seijinn-no-hi"
February 3: Bean-Throwing Ceremony "Setsubun" Eve of the spring first day
March 3: Girls' Festival or Doll Festival "Hinamatsuri"
March 21*: Vernal Equinox Day "Shunbun-no-hi"
April 29*: Greenery Day "Midori-no-hi" (Birthday of the late Emperor Hirohito)
May 3*: Constitution Day "Kenpo-kinenbi"
May 5*: Children's Day or Boy's Festival "Kodomo-no-hi"
July 7: The Star Festival "Tanabata"
July 20*: Marine Day "Umi-no-hi"
August 13 to 16: The Festival of Souls "Obon"
September 15*: Respect for the Aged Day "Keiro-no-hi"
September 23*: Autumnal Equinox Day "Shunbun-no-hi"
October, Second Monday*: Health & Sports Day "Taiku-no-hi"
November 3*: Culture Day "Bunka-no-hi" (Birthday of the late Meiji Emperor)
November 15: Gala Day for children of 3, 5 and 7 years of age "Shichi-go-san"
November 23*: Labor Thanksgiving Day "Kinro-kansha-no-hi"
December 23*: The Emperor's Birthday "Tenno-Tanjyoubi"

(* denotes National Holidays)