Unwavering Professionalism


Our Mission 
United States Forces, Japan supports the US - Japan security alliance and conducts security cooperation with the Government of Japan in order to maintain regional stability and deter aggression. When directed, conducts operations in response to regional contingencies. 

Unwavering Professionalism

We must display the highest levels of professionalism 24 hours
and seven days a week
This "Code of Conduct" requires your personal commitment
Doing the right thing when no one is looking takes moral courage
We are military professionals and will set the standard as we help
others manifest unwavering professionalism
In Japan, your individual actions have strategic effects
Doing the right thing at all times will guide our actions, bring
positive credit to our nation and ensure mission accomplishment 


 In concert with USPACOM, Service components, and interagency partners, Headquarters, United States Forces, Japan maintains the United States-Japan Security Alliance and enhances the security of Japan


Strengthen United States - Japan security arrangements
Implement bilaterally agreed realignment initiatives
Enhance interoperability between United States and
Japanese forces


A strong, adaptable U.S. - Japan alliance
A U.S. forward presence in Japan that is capable across
the full spectrum of operations and that effectively
demonstrates our security commitment to Japan