Traveling from Narita Airport

Air Mobility Command Travel from Seattle
Contact your Transportation Management Office about booking on the Patriot Express from Seattle. The aircraft departs Seattle each week and arrives at Misawa Air Base.

Commercial Travel through Narita Airport
Full information on Narita International Airport can be found online here.

Before you land at Narita, you will be given a Customs and Embarkation form. Fill the document out completely before leaving the aircraft. Any questions about the forms can be directed to the flight attendants. You will need to have it and your passport/orders readily available before you enter Customs. (Note: Active duty military members assigned to Japan are not required to have passports.) 

As you depart the plane, follow the signs marked "CUSTOMS". After you pass through the immigration booth, proceed downstairs to the baggage claim. The electronic marquee will indicate which carousel your baggage will be on. Once you have your baggage, go through the customs baggage checkpoint. They will need to see your passport and baggage claim tickets. After clearing customs, you will need to arrange for bus transportation to Haneda Airport.

Narita has two terminals, with U.S. carriers using the following:

Terminal 1                                                              Terminal 2
Delta Airlines                                                          American Airlines
United Airlines

If you have any problems or questions, a Department of Defense Liaison counter is located on the first floor in Terminal 1 to assist all DOD passengers. The counter is open daily from noon to 8 p.m. Travelers arriving at Terminal 1 should proceed through the customs exit area and immediately turn left. The DOD Liaison Counter is located a very short distance from the North Wing customs exit area. South Wing arrivals will have a longer walk to the DOD Liaison Counter. There is a "DOD Liaison" sign posted in front of the counter. 

If you arrive in Terminal 2 and want assistance from the DOD Liaison Counter, go to bus stop eight or 18; the bus will bring you to Terminal 1 and the ride is free. Enter Terminal 1 on the first floor and immediately turn right and look for the "DOD Liaison" sign. The DOD representative can assist with directions to your final destination.

There are several restaurants at Narita that serve American style food, while Haneda has limited American style restaurants.

A terminal connection bus is free of charge and available for transfers between Terminals 1 and 2. Transfers take approximately 10 minutes. The service operates from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Terminal connection bus stops are:

Terminal 1, first floor: Stop number six
Terminal 2, first floor: Stop number eight and 18

There are several restaurants at Narita that serve American-style food, while Haneda has limited American-style restaurants.

Bus Transportation from Narita Airport to Haneda Airport
There are no flights directly from Narita to Misawa. Misawa-bound travelers must go to Haneda Airport for connecting flights to Misawa City Airport. Misawa travelers arriving at Narita must procure bus transportation from Narita to Haneda and must have airline tickets from Haneda to Misawa. Although the DOD Liaison Counter can help getting you to Haneda Airport, it is not difficult to arrange your own bus transportation.

For those arriving at Terminal 1, complete customs clearance and proceed to the Airport Limousine counter (orange color) and purchase bus tickets to Haneda. The counter is located in front of the exit doors. Ticket price is 3,000 yen (about $30.00 depending on the yen rate) per person. You must pay in yen. Airport Limousine will accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). If you need yen, a currency exchange is available at the airport near the Airport Limousine ticket counter. The bus stops to board busses bound for Haneda are numbered three and 12. 

Passengers arriving at Terminal 2 will also see an Airport Limousine counter (also orange color). The bus stops for busses bound for Haneda are numbered five and 15. 

After you find your stop, stand in line until the bus arrives. Once the bus arrives, make sure it is the bus to Haneda as more than one bus uses the same stop. Your baggage will be checked onto the bus as you get on, hold on to your claim ticket as you will need it when you get off. The baggage checker will ask which airline you will be departing on at Haneda, and then give you your stop number (it should be the first stop). All Misawa-bound travelers will be on a JAL flight. The bus ride to Haneda Airport is approximately one-and-a-half hours, depending on traffic. 

Travel through Haneda Airport
Once you arrive at Haneda, claim your baggage from the bus personnel. Proceed to the Japan Airlines ticket counter to check in. After you check in, go to the X-Ray machine and check in your baggage, then proceed to the departure gate and wait for your flight. Make sure to keep your claim tickets as you will need them once you arrive in Misawa. There will be no food or drink available on the flight to Misawa, but there are vendors and snack machines in the airport. 

Excess Baggage
Please keep in mind your flight from Haneda to Misawa will be onboard Japan Airlines. This flight is considered a domestic flight and has strict baggage limitations. Passengers are allowed two checked bags weighing no more than 33 pounds each, plus one carry-on bag. There is an exception for passengers arriving from another country. These passengers are allowed two checked bags weighing no more than 70 pounds each.

Express Luggage Service (Door-to-Door Baggage Delivery)
This service is available at member's expense and is not reimbursable. The cost associated with this service will depend on the weight of the bags. Members may with credit card or yen. There are four service providers available and their counters are located at the airport. You must provide a physical commercial address and phone number for delivery. The info below is for the Misawa Inn, but keep in mind the Misawa Inn will not take accountability or sign for luggage. We recommend you make arrangements in advance with your sponsor.

Zip Code: 033-0012
Aomori-ken, Misawa-Shi, Hirahata-1-chome
Misawa Air Base
Misawa Air Base Inn, Building 670
Phone number: 0176-63-1182

Overnight Accommodations
Try to schedule your arrival at Narita Airport before 2 p.m. You need three to four hours to clear customs/immigration, collect your bags and then make the connection from Narita to Haneda by bus. If you arrive in Narita after 2 p.m. we recommend you stay overnight near Narita. Check with the information counter on hotels/shuttle services. There are only three daily nonstop flights to Misawa from Haneda, varying from the morning to the early evening. 

It is recommended that you stay in a hotel close to Narita Airport because of per diem allowances and hotel costs, and then transfer to Haneda in the morning. Be sure to check what time you will need to catch the bus to Haneda, so you can get back to Narita on time. If your departure time from Haneda to Misawa is early, it may be more convenient to lodge near Haneda, although it's more expensive than the Narita Airport area and may not be fully covered by per diem. If you stay the night in Narita, try to book your flight from Haneda to Misawa for the 12:45 p.m. departure from Haneda. 

Once you arrive at your hotel, check in at the front desk and tell them what time you need to be back at the airport. If you are lodging near Narita, be sure to allow enough time for the bus ride to Haneda. You should not have to pay until you check out. When you check out in the morning, get a receipt for the hotel and breakfast (if you choose to charge a meal to your room).