PMV- 4 Safety

Private Motor Vehicle mishaps are the most severe threat to most of our safety. Nearly 40,000 Americans die each year on our nation's highways. Usually, between forty to fifty Airmen die each year in PMV mishaps.

CASE STUDY: A 41 year old Major was operating his pick-up truck at approximately 70 mph pulling two trailers in tandem (a camper trailer/toy hauler and a utility trailer). Both trailers combined did not exceed the tow capacity of the pick-up truck. A very strong gust of wind caused the Major to lose control, and the pick-up and tandem trailers rolled over. The Major received neck injuries and his passengers were also injured in the mishap. Alcohol was not considered a factor in the mishap.


Top 10 Tips for Driver Safety courtesy of "How Stuff Works"


1. Keep Your Vehicle Safe
2. Practice Defensive Driving
3. Watch Out for the Other Guy
4. Don't Follow Too Closely
5. Be Extra Careful in Bad Weather
6. Wear Your Seatbelt
7. Don't Drive Drowsy
8. Don't Speed
9. Avoid Distractions
10. Don't Drink and Drive