Resolved Issues & FAQ


On Thunderbolt Court residents were told that they would be getting fences installed in the backyard this Spring. How far in advance will they give us a date so that we have time to remove our current fence?The units for the spring/summer fencing got 11 buildings and 44 units over on Thunderbolt building 1825-1829, 1830-1832 and 34-36 and the slope on 1833. Thirty days prior to the proposed work we will be issuing a letter letting them know when and that's their prep time. So we should be able to provide 30 days notice for any of these fence installations. Then two weeks from the actual start date a final letter will be provided to notify residents of exact installation dates.

What is the rule for smoking in Townhouses on base?
Smoking is prohibited in all Family Housing units, common areas, storage rooms and at entryways. Tower balconies and within 50 feet of all entrances are also smoke-free. Smoking is only allowed in designated locations. If you have any further questions regarding smoking policies, please contact the housing office at 226-3200.

I understand that manning is everything, but has there been any attempt to have any of the Support Group (e.g. MPF, Finance, Career Development) have more than just a day-shift?
We understand the schedule challenges and stand ready to support after hours as necessary. We invite you or anyone requiring special consideration to call any of our offices and request service outside of regular service hours. Several of our customer service sections already receive special requests to flex their services outside of normal business hours and will be happy to accommodate your work schedule. We look forward to meeting your customer service needs