Department of Defense Dependents Schools

Misawa Air Base has two Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) facilities:


Sollars Elementary School (DSN 315 226-3933)

E Mail:

US Postal Address: Sollars Elem School, Unit 5041, APO AP 96319-5041

Grade Level: Prekindergarten through Sixth

Areas serviced: Entire Misawa Community


Edgren Middle/ High School (DSN 315 226-4377)

E Mail:

US Postal Address, Unit 5040, APO, AP 96319-4959

Grade Level: Seventh through twelfth

Areas serviced: Entire Misawa Community


a. Registration Process: You will need to register your children for school. Please visit the DORS web page to register new students or update information for an existing student.

b. Required Documentation
· Immunization Certificate. All students must have their immunizations updated and certified by the immunization personnel at the Misawa AB Hospital. School Officials require DoDDS Certificate of Immunization Form/DSPA 122.1 (Jan 94) at the time of registration. This form is available at the school office. Contact the Immunization Clinic, DSN 226-6192 for more information.

· Passport or Birth Certificate (Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade only).

· Orders. Copy of Sponsor's orders with children listed as command-sponsored family members. Navy personnel: PSC Orders and dependent entry approval/Eligibility for DoDDS Form in order to register.

· DEROS Verification.

· Academic Records. Previous school records or address of previous school in case in-processing school needs to request records/additional. Include an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and any other supporting documentation if eligible for special education or other services.

· Student's Social Security Number. The student's social security is needed to complete registration. If you have forgotten your child's SSN, contact the Military Personnel Flight Customer Service (building 653), 226-3962 for assistance. If you have not applied for a SSN for your child; contact the Legal Office (building 656) at 226-4022 for assistance.

· Emergency Point of Contact. Emergency contact information is required to complete the registration process. Newly arriving families often do not know anyone at their gaining base, so many parents list supervisors, commanders or sponsors when they first arrive and update their emergency POC once settled.

c. DODEA Web Site: Visit the DODEA web site at for more information about DoDDS and Misawa Schools.

d. Transportation: The DODDS Japan District Student Transportation Office provides school bus transportation for Misawa AB. The DoDDS Misawa Student Transportation Office (STO) registers eligible students and issues bus passes. While in Billeting/Navy Quarters, Sollars and Edgren students walk to school and Cummings students board at the Misawa Inn bus stop. Families residing outside of the off-base bus commuting zone transport their children to the nearest bus stop or to school. Additional information is available on each school's website and by calling DSN 226-9119.

e. School Meal Program: The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) provides lunch for students attending Misawa schools. Children who qualify under USDA guidelines may get lunch free of charge or at a reduced price. To apply, complete the Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application. These applications are available in the Customer Service Area of the Base Exchange, in the main office at each DoDDS school. Place the completed application, along with a copy of a current Leave and Earnings Statement, in the School Lunch drop box at the Base Exchange.

Families must re-apply for this benefit at the beginning of each school year. You will also want to sign your child up for a school lunch PIN number. The paperwork for this is in the Customer Service Area of the Base Exchange and is turned in at the Customer Service Desk. All students use PINS when picking up their lunch whether they are charged the full or a reduced rate. For additional information, contact the School Liaison Office at

Visit the Misawa School Liaison Page