Air Force

Personnel traveling to Misawa commercially will arrive at the Misawa City Airport. Personnel traveling to Misawa through government travel will arrive at the AMC terminal on Misawa AB. Please remember keep all your required documents and have at least one uniform in your carryon luggage. Your sponsor or a member of your squadron should meet you at the airport - please relay your travel plans as soon as you know them so your sponsor/squadron can meet you!

Report to your unit Commander Support Staff (CSS) the day of, or the next duty day following your arrival in uniform to receive in-processing checklists. Stop by the Misawa Post Office to receive the combination to your post office box, your sponsor should have arranged your post office box number prior to your arrival. Your sponsor will help you get to all your appointments.

You must report to the Housing Office within 24 hours of your arrival to complete your housing application. Contact the Housing office at DSN: 315-226-3200.


Driver's License Training Course, USFJ Form 4EJ

Misawa Air Base Online Drivers Course Joint Knowledge Online (JKO)

  • In residence 4EJ courses available however, we encourage members to use the online service as much as possible.
  • Military Members, Dependents, Civilians on SOFA Status can take the training online up to 60 days prior to arriving at Misawa.
  • Members who have a CAC Card can login to the JKO Website via their ID Card. Spouses/Dependents will need to register an account on the website. After the account is created the steps to finding the course are the same.
  • Upon completion of the course members will print out the Certificate and report to Pass & Registration for 4EJ Issue.

How to log into the course (PDF)

Finance Inprocessing :

Your Finance Inprocessing appointment will be scheduled by your unit CSS. We are located in the Torii Building, BLDG 656, Room 2210. Bring 2 copies of your orders and all applicable receipts. Finance Inprocessing is mandatory for all Air Force Active Duty. Contact the Finance office at DSN: 315-226-2274


Misawa Air Base Newcomer's Orientation Right Start (Wednesday):

Right Start is held every Wednesday, arrive NLT 0730. Right Start is mandatory for all Air Force Active Duty. Civilian employees are highly encouraged to attend.

-Dress in uniform

-Bring multiple copies of your orders

-Know your PSC Box number, duty phone, and cell phone number

Your SQ CSS will sign you up for Right Start. For further information contact the A&FRC at DSN: 315-226-4735.


Cultural City Tour (most Friday):

You will be signed up for the Cultural City Tour during Right Start. The tour is held every Friday. Meeting place is the Mokuteki Ballroom, BLDG 626, arrive NLT 0745. The busses will return no later than 1430. The Cultural City Tour is a fun introduction to Misawa City and the surrounding area. Attendance is highly encouraged for all Air Force Active Duty, civilian employees, and dependents.

-Wear civilian clothing, comfortable shoes, and prepare to be outdoors

-Bring identification for yourself and family members required to gain reentry to Misawa AB

-Bring enough Japanese Yen for lunch and souvenirs (at least ¥1000 per person) 

For further information contact the A&FRC at DSN: 315-226-4735.


*Changes may occur for all mandatory briefings/inprocessing/trainings/tours for holidays and exercises check with your SQ CSS*



Another Day Wasted (Monday):

Another Day Wasted briefing is held every Monday at 0900 in the Community Commons, BLDG 1006. Another Day Wasted is mandatory for all Air Force Active Duty. Contact the Community Support Coordinator at DSN: 315-226-3544.

LRS IPE Inprocessing (Wednesday):

LRS IPE Inprocessing receive real world and training chem gear, BLDG 1334. Bring a copy of Bio Gas Mask Fit Test if previously received from last base. Contact LRS IPE at DSN: 315-226-4919.


Additional Mandatory Briefings


First Term Airman’s Center (FTAC):

If Misawa Air Base is your first duty station; you must attend a five day orientation through FTAC. Your supervisor is responsible for signing you up for FTAC.


1st Duty Station Officer’s Financial Class:

This class is mandatory for all officers in which Misawa is their 1st duty station. It is held once a quarter. For further information contact the A&FRC at DSN: 315-226-4735.


OPLAN Brief:

The OPLAN brief is held twice a month in the 35th Fighter Wing Conference Room, BLDG 507. Sign up via the SharePoint Wild Weasel University. The brief is mandatory for ALL personal with security clearances. The brief must be completed within the first 2 months on base.