Misawa Professional Development Center (PDC)
Master Sgt. Amir Mustafa, Career Assistance Advisor
SSgt Michael K. George, First Term Airman Center NCO in Charge

The purpose of the Career Assistance Advisor is to provide numerous courses that assist Airmen with benefits/entitlements, career opportunities and provide advanced leadership tools.

To register for courses, visit the PDC SharePoint: https://cs3.eis.af.mil/sites/OO-ED-PC-24

In addition to registering for courses, the Misawa Professional Development Center page contains a variety of pertinent information.

Some of the courses currently available are:

-First Term Airmen's Course (FTAC): The FTAC provides a structured program to transition Airmen from a training mindset to a mission-oriented environment. FTAC provides orientation type information and reinforces lessons learned in BMT and technical training to aid in successful transition.

-Joint/Bilateral Jr Enlisted Professional Enhancement (JrEPE): This is two day course sponsored and managed by Misawa's Jr. NCO/Petty Officer corps.  The course is designed to mentor, develop and lead junior enlisted members preparing them for future success in their respective military services.  This seminar includes participants and instructors from the US Air Force, Navy, Army and Japanese Air Self Defense Force.

- Bilateral Officer Professional Enhancement Course (OPEC): This two day course is designed to bring US Air Force and JASDF officers together to meet, interact with and to explore various aspects of officer career progression and development.  The course will also provide officers the opportunity to enhance their supervisory and managerial skills while maximizing their leadership potential.   Senior officers from across Misawa will share their knowledge and many years of experience to help develop officers for the future. 

-Joint/Bilateral NCO Professional Enhancement (NCOPE): This course is held every month.  The target audience is Staff Sergeants and Technical Sergeants who have not attended a professional military enhancement course within the last two to three years.

-Joint/Bilateral SNCO Professional Enhancement (SNCOPE): This course is for newly selected Master Sergeants. This advanced leadership course is offered two times per year (Jul/Oct).  All eligible Master Sergeants or Master Sergeant selects will receive an email upon selection.

-Professional Military Writing: Join Misawa's Senior Enlisted leaders as they take a comprehensive look at various writing applications, references, the 7 Steps to Effective Communication, Effective EPR writing, awards, decoration writing and much more!

-Effective Study Skills: This course is designed to help students improve their learning effectiveness, attitudes, and motivation, covering areas specific to time management, concentration, note taking skills, textbook study methods, test taking strategies, and critical thinking skills.

-Special Duty/Retraining 101: Airmen interested in retraining opportunities, special duties, assignments, separation, and information regarding CJRs or if you are in a constrained AFSC, are encouraged to attend this brief offered on the last Friday of each month.  This course will provide Airmen with the knowledge to apply for career opportunities and assist them to be successful in the process. Supervisors and senior leaders are encouraged to attend this course. This course is for enlisted personnel only.

-Informed Decision (ID): This seminar is mandatory for all first-term and second-term Airmen 12-15 months prior to date of separation (DOS).  This course is offered monthly at Misawa AB.

-For class schedules, dates, times and/or registration, please visit the PDC SharePoint: https://cs3.eis.af.mil/sites/OO-ED-PC-24