Alpha Warrior rig challenges Team Misawa members

MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- Team Misawa personnel hosted three Alpha Warrior professionals and an obstacle course here, Oct. 7, in conjunction with the 29th Annual American Day celebration.

Alpha Warrior is a program that provides both training and application of obstacle fitness for civilians and military around the world and offers oversight and guidance to over 160 fitness facilities U.S. Air Force-wide.

Featured from the show American Ninja Warrior, Alpha Warrior professionals Brent Steffensen, Rebekah Bonilla and Brittany Reid traveled to Misawa to hold a competition on the obstacle course they brought with them.

The course included eight obstacles, such as globe graspers, cliff hangers, devil steps, broken bars, battering rams and three ball attachments, which engage the core.

"This obstacle course is a lot more challenging than people realize it is," said Brittany Reid, an Alpha Warrior professional. "At first glance, it looks like a jungle gym--very fun. Once you get on, you realize how challenging the course is. Something people tend to realize every time they tackle the course is how much better they get. People then find themselves challenging coworkers and colleagues, but specifically themselves."

Beyond providing a new way for Airmen to work out, the course also helps to build unit cohesion and embody the four domains of Comprehensive Airmen Fitness.

"Alpha Warrior fits perfectly with the four domains of Comprehensive Airman Fitness," said Brent Steffensen, the Alpha Warrior managing partner. "The physical part is very obvious, the mental part isn't so obvious, but you really have to think strategically to save energy and use the right techniques to finish. The social aspect is huge because everybody cheers for each other, whether they complete it or not. Everybody is in together and it's definitely a bonding experience. When you finish the course, it's undeniably a spiritual experience."

With this new program, the U.S. Air Force and the Alpha Warrior team bring enthusiasm to Team Misawa's fitness equation.

"The whole experience was fun," said Airman 1st Class Dylan Sheneman, a 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron inbound cargo technician. "It was almost like my childhood playground received an upgrade. After going through the course, I thought its crazy how we could play all day as kids and not be tired, but after going through this as an adult, you're exhausted."

For personnel who did not get to experience the Alpha Warrior rig during American Day weekend, the Freedom Fitness Center has a similar obstacle course installed.

"We are super excited to be working with the U.S. Air Force," said Steffenson. "We're very grateful for all they do for us. Being able to partner with them and give back to service members and their families by bringing a little bit of fun to break up all the hard work they do is an awesome and a tremendous privilege for us."